exposed aggregate not resin

God awful resin

Why resin… just why!

Exposing aggregate is probably the oldest form of decorative concrete, particularly where natural decorative aggregates occur, why wouldn't anyone want to see them!

Difference is, it CAN be guaranteed not to fail… It just will not! no peeling, no tyre wear, no delaminating, no stress, no worries. concrete does not use harmful epoxy's, although sealed with a solvent based sealer to enhance the product, that's it! Totally non slip re enforced for additional strength, It can be printed aswell as additional decorative stones added to the surface to provide even more appeal. It does take a bit of skill and graft to lay it so it may not spread like wildfire like the resin has, but you can be safe in the knowledge of Scott Patterned Concrete's expertise in the product that it will be fitted to the highest specification. 

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